Shelby Norwich: A Real Estate Expert Who Can help you in Your Real Estate Purchasing Problem

Shelby Norwich Shelby Norwich has been in the real estate industry for about 15 years, and is currently one of the top 5 executives for the last 6 years at Older Town Brokers. As a Florida native, Shelby was born and raised in Cocoa beach. As we know that a good real estate agent need a solid educational background to make sure that they will be able to understand every aspect of the contracts, law, and negotiation, Shelby attended the University of Central Florida from which she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications, and then her Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies at Rollins College. Her profound interest and passion for people in the art of negotiation has led her to a successful career in the real estate industry.

Shelby has drawn her inspiration from the 3 pioneers, who were instrumental in the Down Orland revitalization, Phil Rampy, Steven Patterson, and Steve Kodsi. She is primarily focusing her attention to the parks of Orlando, such as the Delaney Park, Thornton Park, Winter Park, College Park, and Baldown Park, and she really enjoys connecting with people, wherein each day is unique and each transaction is a new challenge. To pay a major role in the generation of substantial growth to the areas of Downton Orlando, Shelby has been involved deeply in developing 3 instrumental high-rises from the ground up. Learn more information here:

Shelby NorwichShe contributed to the growth of ZOM Residential in which she was the head-leasing agent at Lake Eola for the Waverly. Subsequently, she moved on to work for the Historic Creations, and she has been the Director of Sales for the Star Tower and The Sanctuary, two of the luxury condominium buildings. Her compassion for people and the community contributed to her overall success. She is a big supporter of the local art scene and local artists, serving on the DAD or the Downtown Arts District Board for around six years now. Moreover, she is a Circle Member for the Philips Performing Arts Center and was a committee on the Runway to Hope in which she is assisting local children and their families, who were impacted by the pediatric cancer for the last 3 years.

Furthermore, Shelby Norwich defines herself as an energetic, enthusiastic, and a hard worker. She has been given the nickname, “Penthouse Shelby”, as she sold most of the penthouses in the Downtown high rises. When she does not run the Downtown Orlando real estate scene, she is enjoying some things like traveling, bowling, surfing, and most of all, spending quality time with her two adorable pugs, Sake and Joshe. Shelby is helping people to realize the dream of homeownership. While the dream image is most part, what a real estate agent is doing, it is not an easy lifestyle or profession.

The best reason to use her as an agent is that she is a connector and she loves to bring people together. She understands how to complete a successful transaction, which include having to negotiate with some other parties, which comes with her experience. Because she has been conducting countless transactions within a particular market, Shelby Norwich understands pricing strategy and some other unique details that allow them to work more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, she is a motivated and energetic individual, who is willing and ready to tackle the involved tasks in the process. She is one of the professionals who are pursuing leads, working aggressively, and devoting time to serve clients in delivering better results.

To stage an empty could make all the difference in the world. When Shelby wants to sell a home quickly and get high price for her seller, she turns to staging to help her in attaining her objectives.